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What To Do?

Don't know where to go and which places to visit while you're here? Then check out our list of worthwhile sights in and around Dagupan City.

  1. Bolinao Patar Lighthouse, St. James Church, Cape Bolinao Beaches, Bolinao Museum & Santiago Island

    BOLINAO. This quaint little town boasts of several attractions aside from its rugged coastline and wide expanse of unspoiled seascapes. Its museum, a branch of the national museum, showcases the rich heritage of the people. Santiago Island, Cape Bolinao Beach, and the Church of St. James, almost 400 years old, are its stronger points.

  2. Hundred Islands - Alaminos, Pangasinan
  3. Hundred Islands National Park. Scattered off the coast of Lucap, Alaminos are over a hundred islands and islets often visited by tourists because of their natural beauty. On many points between the islets, the water is shallow enough for swimming, boating and snorkeling. The Quezon Island is most frequented because of its facilities like picnic sheds, toilets and viewdecks. Facilities for camping are available at the Children´s Island. These can be reach by hiring motorized bancas at the wharf in Lucap.

  4. Umbrella Rocks
  5. Agno Umbrella Rocks. These fern are decorated boulders looking like umbrellas dot on the beach of Sabangan, Agno. The place is about 30-minute ride from Alaminos.

  6. Cacupangan Caves & Villacorta Caves
  7. MABINI. This rustic town is visited for its Cacupangan Caves, formerly Balincaguing Caves, a lair of 1001 bats, Balincaguing River, basin perfect for skinny dipping, Binmatya Spring and Barlo Mines.

  8. Tambobong White Beach & Snake (Colibra) Island
  9. In the vicinity of Tambobong are islands worth visiting not only for the seclusion of secret coves, but also for unique geographical wonders. There is Crocodile Island, named aptly for its shape, like that of a croc in repose. Farther away and looking very tempting, like the islands one would find in exotic castaway movies is Colibra, also named Snake Island for having a sizeable population of sea-snakes.
  10. Provincial Capitol, Lingayen Gulf War Memorial & Limahong Channel
  11. LINGAYEN. An encomienda when Pangasinan was created, it was then designated and remains the provincial capital. Lingayen earned a place in contemporary history when American forces designated it the landing area for the liberation of Northern Luzon from the Japanese. The town is likewise noted for the Limahong Channel which the men of the Chinese pirate dug to elude the pursuing forces of Salcedo. Its "bagoong", also known as maniboc, referring to its place of origin, Barangay Maniboc, is the best in the market, local, national or international.

  12. Manleluag Hot Spring
  13. Manleluag Hot Spring. Located in Mangatarem, about 7 kms. uphill climb along the highway. The Bureau of Forest Development maintains the resort.

  14. Bonuan Tondaligan Beach, Japanese Garden, MacArthur HQ
  15. Blue Beach. A natural treasure in Dagupan City where Gen. Douglas Mc. Arthur landed on January 9, 1945, an event that is immortalized in the country´s history. Today the beach is home to thousands of tourists who enjoy its fine sand and its marine attractions.

  16. San Fabian Beach
  17. SAN FABIAN. This town has always known for its beaches, nestled in a cove, so that only the gentlest of waves ripple across the crystalline blue waters. Now it is also byword for its beach resorts, rivaling those of La Union, its pawnpushres (it has the only chess school in the country, in fact) and its amateur pugilists.

  18. Senor Divino Tesoro Shrine
  19. CALASIAO. Religious devotees flock to this town, thanks to its miraculous Sanctuario del Señor Tesoro, chewy puto, tender Bocayo and coconut pastilles flavored with anise.

  20. Our Lady of Manaoag Shrine
  21. MANAOAG. Before Agoo, there was already Manaoag and inspite (or maybe because) of Agoo, pilgrimage to this town has increased over the past few months. The trek to the shrine of Nuestra Señora de Manaoag or "Apo Baket" or the Lady Who Calls which has come to be known as the "Antipolo of the North" has never waned. The Virgin's in the outskirt of the town is another well-visited spot for its curative springs

  22. Antong Falls
  23. Located 10 kilometers from the townproper of Sison, the falls cascade down a basin on a mountainside overlooking verdant sceneries of forest cover and rice fields, an ideal place for picnics and outdoor recreation.

  24. San Roque Dam
  25. San Roque Multipurpose Project is one of the largest hydroelectric, flood-control, and irrigation projects in Asian history. Its major feature is a 650-foot high rock-fill dam and the 12th highest dam of its kind in the world

  26. Villa Verde Trail
  27. Villa Verde Trail. The Red Arrow Monument at Villa Verde Trail in Sta. Maria East, San Nicolas where the 32nd Division of the United States Armed Forces in the Far East saw action in the pursuit of the retreating Japanese Forces.

  28. Mt. Balungao
  29. Mt. Balungao dominates the landscape of the Agno Valley. Cashing in on the majesty of the volcano, the Department of Tourism jointly with the municipal government of Balungao, put up tourist facilities at the foot of the mountain.

    The Mountain is an extinct volcano in which a spring of hot water flows endlessly. The sulfuric content of water contains medicinal properties that can cure many dermal and epidermal diseases. Mt. Balungao whose elevation is 382 meters above sea level is a favorite weekend destination of people because of its famed natural beauty. It was then as it is now, a much sought after hideaway by those seeking to flee the humdrum and ennui of daily life, free from the suffocating tensions and pressure and worries of living. The mountains wide swaths of evergreens, aged trees and palms or its slopes provide refreshing view of God's natural creation.

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